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Turbomachinery Vibration Analysis Using Online Vibration Monitoring Systems : Periodic Monitoring

· Turbomachinery (Steam & Gas Turbines, Centrifugal Compressors, etc.) of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, and Power industries are provided with state of the vibration monitoring systems to monitor and protect the equipment from catastrophic failure due to high vibration. The online vibration monitoring systems have the facility to store the vibration data for analysis and troubleshooting. The stored plots used for diagnosing machinery problems like misalignment, rotor unbalance, thermal growth, rotor instability, rubbing of rotating components with stationary components, journal bearing damage, fluid instabilities, etc. Online vibration data is analyzed using various plots like vibration trends, spectra, full spectra, waterfall, direct orbits, polar, bode, shaft centerline to identify various machinery problems.

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· Present days most of the industries have machinery protection systems for turbomachinery which is designed to shut down a machine when high vibration noticed in turbomachinery without human intervention. However, why should we wait until the machine gets a trip with high vibration? Can’t we predict machine condition changes before machine trips with high vibration?


· The answer is yes, Condition monitoring engineers can predict the machine condition changes before machine reaches to high vibration levels by using a machinery management system, use of a system that provides vibration data and information that is interpreted and applied by the people to correctly operate, maintain and assess the condition of the machinery.

· The Periodic monitoring intervals will help to study the machine condition changes in early stages due to mechanical faults like unbalance, misalignment, thermal growth, bearing deterioration, lube oil condition, etc. and process parameters like temperatures, flow, etc.

· This will help the maintenance team to make better maintenance schedules and maintain inventory spare parts (like replacing the lube oils, journal bearings) and the maintenance team can schedule corrective actions like unbalance and misalignment, etc without interrupting the peak production losses.

· The operation team can plan load sharing to other units which can reduce the more stress on the fault developed machine, result to increase machine reliability & reduce production losses.

· Osborne Provides Periodic vibration monitoring on Turbomachinery with multichannel devices & also provide services remotely by accessing the customer vibration protection system.

· Osborne Engineering Provides CBM services across the Middle East and Europe. Including the UAE, Poland, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar.

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