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Flexible AMC Options

Osborne Engineering offers various Annual Maintenance or Service Contracts to suit end-user needs. Some of our most popular AMC Options include 

Monthly Services: 

  •  Osborne engineer visit the site

  •  Conduct pre-survey meetings with maintenance team in order to collect machine and operational data.

  • An inspection plan is then created to suit the client needs. 

  • Machine database is then created

  • Data is collected from site at a fixed interval by one of our Engineers.

  • Analysis is done, verified and submitted to                      client with machine condition, severity and recommendations.

27*7 Service Programs: 


This plan enables the client to implement condition monitoring program in the plant without the need of buying expensive equipment or hiring new personnel.

With this program, we deploy our instruments, software and experts to client site permanently (for the contract period). Our Engineer becomes a part of your team and operations, this ensures that an expert is available on-site whenever you require.

All the activities related to condition monitoring, including data collection, analysis, reporting, advising maintenance teams for corrective action shall be done by our Engineer, placed at client site.

Emergency Visits:

              We provide price agreements or emergency service contract to assist you with                any scenario where you require condition monitoring expert support. Be it                      vibration analysis, troubleshooting, on-site balancing, laser alignment or any                    other service.


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