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Calibration Services

Osborne Engineering Condition Monitoring, is a specialized unit within OEL Group. We guarantee the reliability of your instruments and sensors by using the latest technologies for on-site and lab calibration.

We Specialize in Calibration of: 

  • Vibration Transducers

  • Vibration Meters - Analyzers

  • Online Monitoring Systems

Why Calibrate your sensors: 

Vibration monitoring systems are integral to machinery protection, and calibration of the vibration sensors must be verified to ensure
that system is functioning as intended”


Services Offered:

  • Calibration of vibration meters or analyzers at our calibration lab in

  • Dubai, UAE

  • Verification / calibration of sensors on site. Including on-turbine sensors

  • We use A2LA Accredited calibration to the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:201

  • NIST Traceable certificate for sensors

  • OEM Approved for calibration of Adash Analysers, Meters and Sensors

  • Field Service available anywhere in the Middle East or Europe

  • Loop Checks & Systems Troubleshooting, DCS or PLC

Type of sensors

  • Osborne Engineering has the expertise and instrumentation necessary

  • to calibrate

  • Accelerometers  

  • Velocity transducers

  • Proximity probes

  • 4-20mA Loop Power Vibration Sensors

  • Vibration Meters and Analysers

  • Online Monitoring Systems

  • Confirm Critical Vibration Alarms & Logic

  • Vibration switch Validation

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