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Online Monitoring Systems

An online system can be as simple as a sensor and junction box (for portable vibration measurement) or complete data acquisition units with analysis software and integrated to PLC or SCADA.


Scalable and suitable to monitor the most critical assets 24X7, Our monitoring systems has been installed on many industries. Our team is capable of designing, installing, and commissioning online monitoring systems. 

We have a both wireless and wired monitoring solution to meet any client requirement. Osborne also offers remote monitoring and tele-support for organisations without a dedicated condition monitoring team or analysts.

Tri-axial sensor -Temperature- Current- Speed- 4-20mA Adapter- BLE Technology- Connect to Phone- Advanced Analysis Software - Automatic Learning

ADASH A3716 - 16 Channel Vibration - 16 Channel Process- 4 Channel Tachomter- 16 BNC Buffered Output - 16 Trip Relays- Advanced Analysis Software- Automated Analysis

ADASH A3800 - 4 to16 Channel Vibration - 4 Tacho- Wireless Option- Advanced Analysis Software- Automated Analysis

Junction Box for offline data collection- compatible with all vibration analysers- Low cost- Optional integration to PLC/ SCADA

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Our Services

- Vibration Analysis

- On-site Dynamic Balancing

- Laser Shaft Alignment

- Turbo Machinery Analysis & Balancing

- Thermal Imaging

- Online Monitoring & Remote Analysis

- Acceptance Testing

- AMC Options.


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