We prioritise top quality service and continued support. That is why all of our solutions are tailor made to suit your requirements. A well-implemented reliability and condition monitoring plan, combined with well-informed action  can add measurable value to your business and significantly improve the performance of your equipment.

Improve plant availability       Lower maintenance cost       + Better safety       + Enhance energy efficiency

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    Vibration Analysis is one of the most widely used condition monitoring technology. We have the expertise to set up a complete vibration analysis program from you. From creating data base, collecting data, analysing and providing reports with clear recommendations, we can assist you in every step.

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    Dynamic Balancing

    Rotor balancing extends machinery life by eliminating the unbalance force that destroys mechanical components.

    Our team is always ready for emergency balancing service and has extensive expertise with on-site and workshop balancing of rotors. Be it single plane, two plane or multi-plane, we have the team to complete the job successfully. 


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    Laser shaft alignment is an absolute must for any users with coupled machinery (Motor-Pump, Motor-Gearbox etc). We have the ability to carry out laser shaft alignment for almost all types of couplings and machine trains including vertical machines.

  • By measuring the intensity and source of infrared radiation emitted by the equipment, our experienced engineers can uncover valuable information regarding the machinery condition.

    Be it electrical panels, heavy machinery or commercial buildings, we have solution for every applications.

  • We have been working with Turbine-Generator Manufacturers, Service Providers and End-Users for many years, and has the competence to solve turbo-machinery problems.

    We have the ability to carry out rotor dynamic analysis, on-site dynamic balancing and troubleshooting for Turbine-Generator sets.

  • We offer various Annual Maintenance or Service Contracts to suit end-user needs. Some of our most popular AMC Options include

    24*7 Monitoring contract.

    Monthly Inspection and Analysis plans.

    Emergency visit or balancing equipment. 

  • We have the capabilities and expertise to design, install, commission and remotely monitor assets through Online Monitoring Systems. This makes it possible to analyse the condition, generate messages and alarms automatically to detect failures before catastrophic  failure occurs.

  • We can assist in acceptance testing of new or recently overhauled machinery to ensure that the machinery meets operational criteria as well as pin-point any hidden faults in the machinery.

    This is well suited to ensure quality of machinery installed and workmanship of the contractor. 

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Our Services

- Vibration Analysis

- On-site Dynamic Balancing

- Laser Shaft Alignment

- Turbo Machinery Analysis & Balancing

- Thermal Imaging

- Online Monitoring & Remote Analysis

- Acceptance Testing

- AMC Options.


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