The right tools are absolutely necessary to implement a condition monitoring program. That is why we have partnered with leaders in the technology to bring you state-of-the-art equipment.

We not only help you choose the right product for your applications but also provide training to get you started. Our experts are just a call away for continued support.


    One of the first steps in implementing a condition based maintenance. A simple vibration meter can show vibration levels of the machinery and indicate the overall machinery condition. 

    Free software allows for trending and low resolution spectra analysis. Additional stroboscope, thermometer and basic automatic analysis provide added value. Perfectly suitable for technicians or users new to condition monitoring.

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    Vibration Analysers

    Vibration meter provides overall vibration values. But vibration analysers are necessary to interpret the data and reveal the source and cause of vibration. Osborne offers devices suitable for route data collection, on-site analysis, balancing and many advanced tests such as bump tests , run-up test etc. 

    The powerful analysis software helps you gain valuable insights to your machinery.

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    Laser Alignment Kits

    Aligning the machinery to recommended tolerances help in improving bearing, seal life and reducing the energy consumed. 

    Easy to use and much faster than the traditional dial gauges, a laser shaft alignment kit is an absolute must for any users with coupled machinery (Motor-Pump, Motor-Gearbox etc)

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    Sensors and Cables

    Osborne offers complete range of vibration and temperature sensors. From proximity for to high sensitivity acceleromters, our wide range of sensors and cord sets can be used with almost any vibration analyser. Our application engineers can also help you choose the right sensor for your application.

  • Online Vibration Monitoring Systems

    An online system can be as simple as a sensor and junction box (for portable vibration measurement) to complete data acquisition units with analysis software. Scalable and suitable to monitor the most critical assets 24X7

    Osborne also offers remote monitoring and tele-support for organisations without a dedicated condition monitoring team or analysts.

  • Osborne offers soft bearings supports and complete balancing machines with software. The machines are effective to balance rotors in the workshop. This includes motor rotor, pump rotor, impeller, shafts, couplings etc.

Our Services

- Vibration Analysis

- On-site Dynamic Balancing

- Laser Shaft Alignment

- Turbo Machinery Analysis & Balancing

- Thermal Imaging

- Online Monitoring & Remote Analysis

- Acceptance Testing

- AMC Options.


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