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ODS Analysis & Modal Analysis

Operating Deflection Shape testing helps us to understand the motion of the machine or structure while it is in operation under normal conditions. We can acquiring vibration amplitude and phase from around a structure to visualize the motion.

Why ODS Testing: 

We typically perform ODS testing when we suspect that a machine is operating at a natural frequency, or when we suspect that a source of machine vibration is exciting a natural frequency. We may observe high vibration levels, or premature failure of machine components. 

ODS can only be used to visualize how a machine vibrates; it cannot confirm the presence of a natural frequency, and it cannot be used to calculate damping, or to test structural modifications in order to estimate how the vibration (and natural frequencies may change). ODS simply involves the acquisition of amplitude and phase readings
at the running speed of the machine (or optionally at all frequencies) and provides a visual representation of the relative movement of each point on the machine.


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